Gov’t approved 30 more schools in the school feeding programme for Sanarigu.

The Sanarigu Municipal Assembly on Wednesday 29, August 2018 held its maiden Town Hall Meeting to offer stake holders and people of the municipality the opportunity to information on the developmental projects in the area since the assumption of office of the New Patriotic Party Administration.

The Town Hall Meetings was instituted by the New Patriotic Party government to afford the people of the various MMDA’s the opportunity  to information about government projects and programmes being implemented over the period.

The Sanarigu Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Iddrisu Mariam took turn to address the Assemmbly on various achievements chalked by her administration over the period in collaboration with stakeholders in the municipality.

The MCE who touched on various development projects including education, agriculture, health, local governance, youth development, was confident that, the future of the municipality was bright due to a number of initiatives to bring development to the door step of the people.

Hon. Mariam Iddrisu disclosed that since her assumption of office for the past 15 months various education sector interventions was undertaken in collaboration with its decentralized departments and other development partners.

The MCE for Sagnarigu said the expansion of the School Feeding programme nationwide also affected the municipality in a positive direction, saying that, government approved 30 more schools in addition to the existing 36 schools approved initially, making a total of 66 schools under the programme with an increase in the cost of feeding per child from 0.80p in the past to Ghc1.

She said the expansion has brought about an upturn in the number of school children under the programme from 16,217 to 25,324 representing a 56.2% increase.

Touching on ICT, Hon. Marian Iddrisu disclosed that, 450 computers, 108 Samsung Flat screen Televisions, 58 power generators and 154 cassettes were provided for some schools to ensure improvement in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the municipality”.

On education, the Sagnarigu MCE added that various staff and teachers in the municipality have undergone series of professional and capacity building sessions to enhance quality education. In addition, over 20,000 exercise books were sourced and distributed to various schools for needy students across the municipality. A total of 42 needy students all at tertiary level of education was supported with finance to pay their fees for the 2017/2018 academic year, which cost the Assembly an amount of Ghc 15,000 and so far they have compiled a list of 39 applicants seeking financial support for the ensuing 2018/2019 academic year” she said.

On health, Hon. Iddrisu Mariam stated that various projects have been completed to enhance quality healthcare service delivery, saying that, the Assembly partner with RING to undertake interventions geared towards food nutrition and improvement in diet.

Key among the interventions she highlighted include the training of health staff and volunteers on several activities such as outreach planning, food cooking demonstration and anaemia prevention among others.

“Over the period we completed the construction of the following ongoing health facilities to increase access to healthcare service delivery to the people. Kpunjinga CHPS compound, Gburma CHPS compound, CPHS compound project to Sorogu. We also awarded contracts for the construction of two clinics at Kogni and Shishegu respectively. Besides these projects, the Assembly also donated 10 number hospital beds to the district health directorate to help resource some of the health facilities. Currently all the 18 number CHPS compounds are functional, even though with varied degrees of operational challenges. The Assembly is working hard to put up benefiting structures for all of them” she stated.

On Agriculture, Mrs. Iddrisu Mariam said the implementation of the Planting for Food and Jobs (PFJ) by the Nana Akuffo Addo led administration was of great usefulness to the development of agriculture in the municipality since the municipality runs an agrarian economy.

She highlighted on last year’s farming season that, 738 maize farmers, 221 rice farmers and 5 soya bean farmers benefited from the project for the cultivation of a total of 5,588 acres of farmland.

As at the beginning of this year’s farming season, she stated that the municipality received 1400 bags of maize seeds, 3244 bags of rice seeds, 466 bags of soya beans, 3100 bags of NPK fertilizer, 15500 bags of Urea fertilizer, and 1500 bags of organic (compost) fertilizer estimated to benefit 2,891 farmers for maize, rice and soya beans production.

She said the Municipal Agricultural Department was in a technology transfer collaboration with Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) on improved technologies in rice cultivation towards maximum yields of rice in the municipality. However, she stated that the Assembly was also working with other agencies to improve the state of agricultural practices in the municipality.

She commended the various stakeholders in the municipality for their collaboration and contribution towards the achievement of these so far and urged them to continue with their support towards the Assembly since there was still a long way to go.

Hon. Iddrisu Mariam is the first Municipal Chief Executive for Sanarigu Municipal Assembly, since it was elevated to a Municipal status by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo early this year.

Source: Abubakar Abdul Kadir/

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