Abudu Royal family to resist any atempt by Kug Naa to secretly enskin Kampakuya Naa as Overlord of Dagbon.

The Abudu Royal family yesterday issued a strong warning of a looming danger in Dagbon, if Kug Naa attempt to secretly enskin the Kampakuya Naa as overlord of Dagbon. According the Royal family, they received some reports that the Kuga Na may want to do the unthinkable thing of SECRETLY ATTEMPTING TO ENSKIN THE KAMPAKUYANAA AS OVERLORD OF THE DAGBON KINGDOM on Friday, 3rd of August 2018, and warned that if the government, the MUSEC, and the REGSEC would allow them access to the Royal Mausoleum hence off, they shouldn’t blame the Abudus for what yhey have equally planned to do to contain the situation.

This warning was issued in a press conference by the Abudu Youth and the Abudu Royal family in Yendi to formally notify government, MUSEC, REGSEC and Ghanaians in general.

The Abudu Youth and the Abudu Family further alleged they have received rumours from some Konkomba sources, suggesting that the Kampakuya Na
might strike when anattempt is made to renovate the old Gbewa Palace or when the Abudus are granted occupancy.

They stated that On Saturday, 21st July 2018, the KampakuyaNaa met with some Konkomba chiefs from the entire Northern Region at the Temporary Palace on Sunday 22nd July 2018, andrumours suggested that The onkomba chief were lobbied to rally behind him to cause mayhem by attacking Abudus in Dagomba Communities out side Yendi. The Abudus are therefore calling on the security and the good people of this country to know that, convening meetings with Konkombas at this crucial hour is eyebrow raising. And if it goes beyond those living within the kingdom, it is further evidence of something fishy.

The Abudus maitained that Na Mahamadu Abdulai IV was properly enskinned and he was the ONLY Ya Na who ruled Dagbon from 1969 to 1974. They described Naa Mahamadu Abdulai’s removal from office as the most cruel violation of Dagbon custom which according to them was responsible for all the chieftaincy related unrests in the entire kingdom.

The statement emphasised Reference to this omen in the history of Dagbon can be made to page 29 of the 1930 Dagbon Constitution which reads  “All references to this is Tabu ; any allusion made appeared to shock the subordinate chiefs and elders so profoundly that it was deemed inadvisable to bring up the subject…”.

They maintained that the law-abiding lateking, Na Mahamadu Abdulai IV, took the matter to the court system to seek redress against the in justice done him and the family. An Accra Appeals Court which heard the case rejected the grounds for his removal from the throne and ordered that he should be reinstated as Ya Na. However, the defendant in the case, the late Na Yakubu II took the case to the Supreme Court for review.

The Supreme Court ruled that having regard to the Dagbon Constitution that deskinment is unknown in Dagbon, all persons who have ever occupied the Nam of Yendi shall without regard to how they ceased to be Ya Na be regarded as former Ya Nas. Consequently, their sons do qualify for appointment to the gate skins of Savelugu, Karaga and Mion.

A memorandum signed by representatives from both Abudu and Andani
families, including the late Ya Na Yakubu Andani, reaffirmed their commitment to the ruling of the Supreme Court that “On the death of Ex Ya Na Mahamadu Abdulai IV, he should be accorded the full funeral rites of a Ya Na in the light of the Supreme Court’s Ruling of 17th December 1986.

The Roadmap to Peace reaffirmed this unavoidable aspect of the Supreme
Court Ruling and representatives of both gates appended their signatures
to same as truth, legal and a solution to the Dagbon crisis.

The Abudu Youth lamented that they have come to a painful conclusion that, they would have been better off if the Committee had not been set up in the first  place. They acused the Committee for only supervising the installation of the Regent of Na Yakubu Andani for 15 years of mediation. They further acused the Committee for supervising the violation of almost all the major clauses and terms of references in their own Road map to Peace including the enskinment of the so-called Kuga Na, among others.

Government after the 2002 conflict which led to the killing of Ya Na Yakubu Andani II, formed the Otumfuo mediation commitee to perform the funerals of the two late Yaa Nanima,  Naa Mahamadu Abdullai IV and Naa Yakubu Andani II to find lasting solution to the crisis in Dagbon, but since the enskinment of Kampakuya Na as the Rajent in 2006, there has not been a concret steps to push for the peace process to the Dagbon conflict, which has created a parallel chieftaincy lines in the Dagbon chieftaincy divide.

Source: Release/northstarfmonline.com

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