NPC calls on gov’t to conceder Family Planning as human right.

The National Population Council has called on government to conceder family planning as a human right to ensuring it is incorporated in the family planning policies and care in fulfillment of the right to health, and appealed to government to make family planning services available, accessible and of good quality, while clients find them acceptable.

The National Population Council made this call in a press release and copied to North Star news, to mark 2018 World Population Day. The global theme for this year’s celebration is “family planning is human right” whilst the national theme is “family planning is a human right, an imperative to sustainable development. The National Population Council celebrated this day with support from partners. This year coninsidentally marks the 50th anniversary of the 1968 conference on human rights, where family planning was for the first time, globally affirmed to be human right.

The Tehran proclamation states that “parents have a basic human right to determined freely and responsibly the number and spacing of their children, which is linked to the sustainable development goals (SDG) particularly eradicating extreme poverty, hunger, achieving universal primary education, promoting gender equality, empowering women and ensuring environmental sustainability.

The statement disclosed that after the 2010 Population and Housing Census, Northern Region has a total population of 2,468,557 comprising 1,229,887 males, and 1,249,574 females and covers a geographical area of 70.348 square kilometers with a population density of 35.2.

The statement further disclosed the population of the Northern Region has remained high in three counts of censuses held in 1984, 200 and 2010. With the increase from 1,164,583 to 1,820,806 and to 2,468,557 respectively.
The growth rate has also increase persistently from 2.8 in 2000 to 2.9 in 2010. In 1960 the statement stated that the northern region recorded a population of 531,573 and by 2010 the figure rose to 2,479,461 which is an increase of 947,888 to Ghana’s population.

In the area of health, the statement indicated that, a country’s health system can only work effectively and efficiently when there is a healthy workforce. It believes rapid population growth may however pose a challenge to the health system, adding that a high growth rate puts pressure on the health delivery system which calls for more investment.

In Agriculture, the statement believe an increased population puts pre sure on food quality and prizes shooting them higher, this according to the statement will make consumers to shift to less expensive foreign substitute hence a change in consumer preference and choice.

In education, family planning would improve quality of life of individuals and bring positive change in the society as well as building human resource of the nation. According the NPC education empowers the women to make life choices, regarding the size, timing and number of children they want.

The National Population Council is urging the general public to embrace family planning saying, access family planning benefits the individual in the community, which controls the fertility levels as well as the number of high risk births among teenagers under eighteen years.

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