Bunkprugu SHS in bad state

Crowded Girls Dormitory with broken floors

The Bunkprugu Senior High School in the northern region in its current state is in a bizarre condition and almost not conducive for teaching and learning to be effective. The total number of students currently in the school is about 1, 060 but there is huge infrastructure deficit. Upon a visit to the school by members of the Public Interest and Accountability Committee (PIAC), it was revealed that, the school lacks adequate classrooms, dining hall and staff accommodation, forcing the Headmaster to reside outside the campus.

There are only two dormitory facilities housing all female students from four houses. In this same regard, male students face similar accommodation challenge. Without a befitting dining hall, the students eat in the open and are exposed to cholera and other communicable diseases.

In an interview with the Vice Chairman of the Public Interest and Accountability Committee, Dr Thomas Kojo Stephens expressed worry over the bizarre situation. He said the situation is so bad and called for government urgent attention to ensure that the students have a conducive atmosphere to learn.

Open Dining Hall for students

“When you look at the infrastructure, it is lacking in a lot of respect. In the dining hall, the students eat out in the open, we went to the dormitories and inspected the dormitories and they were crowded and the floors were broken in so many places; it was very congested.” he lamented.

“It is not good enough to be providing the foods and books but in terms of the infrastructure where they sleep, where they eat, where they have their studies is not up to standard, especially at these deprived areas, the government must pay a particular attention not only to the supplies but also ensure that, the infrastructure is developed upon” he urged.

According to him, though the government is paying attention to many other things such as the feeding and books especially in deprived areas, it is very important that, government couples that, with a focus on capital expenditure as well to improve the quality of infrastructure in the schools.

Meanwhile, the Public Interest and Accountability Committee is in the northern region for a weeklong tour to inspect projects funded with oil revenue. The team on Monday visited Walewale to inspect the 4.5 kilometers Walewale-Wungu road constructed under the erstwhile NDC government together with engineers from the Northern Region Department of Feeder Roads. The team subsequently inspected the Binduri steel bridge in the newly created Yunyoo/Nasuan district.

But, the PIAC Team expressed shock about the cost overruns in either of the two projects. The binduri steel bridge had an initial contract sum of GH₵ 508, 008.65 and at the end of the contract completion, there was a workload of two additional bridges constructed at Kusawgu and Kumbungu which increased the cost to GH₵ 2, 656, 575.25. And in the case of the road some unforeseen circumstances caused some overruns as well.


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