‘Behisung’ Taskforce chase minors in Tamale

The “Behisung” (Welfare) Task-force of the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly on Sunday night, May 20, 2018, at about 10:00pm went round the Central Business District to apprehend children under the age, 16 and below. This is an exercise inaugurated by the assembly to combat children loitering at night within the metropolis.

The Metropolitan Chief Executive, Musah Iddrisu Superior led the Task-force through the principal streets and vantage points in the area where these minors operate in the night.  According to the Commander of the Task-force, this is not the first operation the group was undertaking.

In an exclusive interview with northstarfmonline.com, Chief Mohammed Hafiz Dema-Naa indicated that, the responsibility of the task-force is to rescue children in the area out of danger at the night. He noted that, these are taken to the Social Welfare Center in Tamale and taken care of before their parents appear to answer questions.

About 20 children were caught in last night operation and Chief Mohammed Hafiz said this was due to inadequate beds at the Social Welfare. It is becoming very common and rampant in the northern regional capital that, children between the ages of 10 years to 16 wander in town at night.

The Task force Commander disclosed that, the children were going to be released to their parents on Monday morning to allow them go to school but was quick to state that, stern warnings were going to be given to the parents and if in the unlikely event their children were caught again, they are going to be prosecuted in court.

Many of such children end up in all manner of social vises. Many of them are seen smoking ‘wee’ in the open whilst others are engaged in an unprotected sexual intercourse at certain spots within the area. In a related development, a 14 year old boy and a 16 year old girl were caught by the task-force around the premises of the Ghana Water Company, allegedly having an unprotected intercourse.

Nearby vendors told the task-force that, it is not the first time the two children were seen together there at odd hours. When interrogated, the boy explained that, his parents were not in the house. He said the father work in Accra and the mother was traveled but the girl said her parents were in the house but then she came out to chart with the boy because, he was sacked from school last week.

MCE of Tamale, Hon Musah Iddrisu Superior

Meanwhile, the mayor of Tamale, Hon Musah Iddrisu Superior said this operation was communicated to the public in the last two months that, the assembly was not going to tolerate or allow children between the ages of zero to fifteen roam the streets of Tamale after 10pm. He disclosed that, the chiefs in the area were also informed about the Behisung task-force and it was suppose to be replicated in all the electoral areas in the metropolis.

The mayor said it is not right to see minors roaming the streets in the night and that; it is the responsibility of every parent to keep the child safe from danger. “And that is why I am sounding this caution to parents that the TaMA will no longer allow children underage to roam the streets of Tamale, these are future presidents, their future Doctors, future Journalists, their future business people, we are not going to allow parents to undermine the future of the metropolis and that is why today we have called you to join us in this tedious exercise, he stated.”

He however urged the people of Tamale to support the assembly, adding that, “we need the support of the people to be able to deliver a transformation Tamale, Tamale that is sensitive to the plight of children and the elderly and Tamale that is free from intimidation.”


story by: Mohammed Gadafi, northstarfmonline.com _ mgadafi45@gmail.com

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