Tanmung, Bauk clans end conflict with blood burial

The Tanmung and Bauk clans in the Nakpanduri traditional area have ended their four decades intra-ethnic conflict with a blood burial ceremony. The two clans have been in turmoil for over 40 years now over the ownership of a parcel of land.

On January 13, 2018, the two families in a blood burial ceremony held at Sayeogu in the Bunkprugu/Yunyoo district committed to an everlasting peace and never to fight and kill each other again. This brought together elders of the two clans to sacrifice animals to their ancestors and bury all their weapons henceforth.

This means that, any member of the two families who in any day use a weapon whatsoever to attack and kill another person in the opposite side will be killed by the gods or being cursed with his entire lineage. Addressing members of the two clans and other stakeholders who were present to observe the blood burial at Sayeogu, the Paramount Chief of the Nakpanduri traditional area, Na Golbilla II Danial Kansuk lamented that the traditional area over the years have been bedeviled with conflicts, which has seen brothers rising against each other and clans rising against clans.

He bemoaned further that, this has also resulted in families bereaved by violent killings of one another, wives made widows overnight and children turned orphans leading to the inability of these wives and children to make ends meet. “One then wonders why we choose to do these things to ourselves when there is a common enemy known as poverty” he cried further more.

Na Golbilla II Danial Kansuk however made some resolutions therefore that, “never again will we take up arms against each other, never again will we buy guns for purposes of killing ourselves, never again will we make our wives and children widows and orphans and never again will we allow ourselves to be used as agents of war”.

He also encouraged the people to embrace dialogue as a means of resolving disputes and learn to tolerate each other even in their diverse opinions. He again charged them to name and shame persons who are actively involved in fanning conflicts in the area and endeavor to ensure that ‘we engage in developmental activities by using our common fund judiciously rather than for peace keeping’.

Bunkprugu Police Commander, Supt S. Delaporte

On his part, the district Police Commander, Superintended Stephen Delaporte commended the Tanmung and Bauk clans for initiating the blood burial activity. He was hopeful that, this will bring to an end the age long dispute between the families.

“I am very happy to witness this occasion today, it was a hard time and therefore a big relieve to the security in the district, we had a hard time in the past due to the conflict in the district and what we are witnessing today marks the overall peace in the area, what I am mean to say is that, this I hope would be the last conflict in the district. We are here to protect lives and properties, apprehend offenders and prosecute them and interpret the law” he stressed further.

According to the Police Commander henceforth, we are going to treat every crime that being committed in the area as an individual crime and not a conflict crime. “When you commit a crime, we are going to treat it as an individual crime and not relate it with this conflict, because this conflict has ended today” he stated.

Meanwhile, the Member of Parliament for the Bunkprugu constituency, Hon Solomon Namlit Boar who doubles as the Deputy Northern Regional Minister encouraged the people to leave behind a great legacy for the next generation.

Solomon Boar, Bunkprugu MP

He argued that, there is no legacy that goes with conflict and was quick to add that, when there is peace and stability, it will bring about development. He stressed further that

“it brings about trust, where there is peace and stability, it brings about growth in our individual homes and at our macroeconomic level”.

The MP charged the people especially the youth of the Bauk and Tanmung clans to do serious introspection. This he believes otherwise will create the avenue for politicians to miuse them for their selfish agenda.

“People especially we the politicians will misuse these two clans for our selfish agenda, I am not going to say that much, except to say that, today is a wonderful day in the lives of the people Bunkprugu/Yunyoo district” he disclosed.


story by: Mohammed Gadafi _ northstarfmonline.com

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