Muslims Urged to take Advantage of Government Policies- Sheikh Bamba

The Chief Executive officer of Bamba Islamic Institute, Sheikh Mohammad Amin Bamba has advised Muslims, especially the youth to avoid spending productive hours under trees, and take advantage of the flagship programs being roll out by the Akufo Addo led NPP government.

Sheikh Amin Bamba expressed dismay over the posture of some Muslims who comfortably sit under trees and thus supplicant to God with the hopes of better days ahead.

“Government policies on farming are there, we don’t even explore them, we are just sitting under trees with our long rosaries, supplicating and waiting for time of prayers to reach.”

Addressing Muslim youth and Islamic clerics at the 4th Annual celebration of prophet Mohammad birth(Mawlid) in Tamale, organized by Ahl Zikri Centre for Islamic Affairs dubbed Ghana@60: The role of Muslims in the liberation of African: A case study of Sheikh Ibrahim Anyass and the Independence of Ghana, Sheikh Amin Bamba quoted the late spiritual leader of Islam, Sheikh Ibrahim Anyass saying ‘If you cannot farm, you should engage in business or other equal important economic ventures to aid put food on table’.

This he said will subvert the hardship living conditions in societies and deficit the rate of dependence.

He enumerated that Imam Shaifi and other great Islamic scholars use to have shops, and whenever nobody comes to buy they engage in supplication (Zikri). Adding that “Life entirely is an expression of work and whoever is not working to earn a living, it is as though you are dead already.”

Sheikh Amin Bamba who happens to be the principal Chief Imam of Masjid Qudwah however commended organizers of the program (Ahl Zikri Centre for Islamic Affairs) for seeing the need to celebrate the birth and life of the prophet, according to him the celebration will help propagate Islam, discover the true personality of prophet Mohammad (saw) and further demystify the misunderstood Tijaniya ideology.

He urged other Muslims groupings around the globe to eschew mischief and unnecessary arguments, and take a clue from Ahl Zikri Centre for Islamic affairs and also figure out a particular day for the celebration and remembrance of Prophet Mohammad birth and life.

Chairman for the occasion, Sheikh Alhussan Zakaria advised leadership of Ahl Zikri Islamic affairs to incorporate local languages and other religious faiths in the subsequent Mawlid.


by: Ibrahim Nurudeen,

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